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At the heart of naïve’s catalogue is the Vivaldi Edition, a project that is fast becoming one of the wonders of recorded music…

Gramophone (UK)

Latest Release

Concerti per violino XI ‘Per Anna Maria’

Europa Galante
Fabio Biondi, violino e direzione

Antonio Vivaldi’s relationship with the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice lasted almost forty years, from 1703 to 1740, although not without interruptions. During this period, the institution’s most famous instrumental player was Anna Maria (1696-1782). Known and admired throughout Europe, mentioned by Nemeitz and Walther, she played not only the violin, viola d’amore and theorbo, but also the harpsichord, cello, lute and mandolin, as we read in the anonymous poem Sopra le putte della Pietà di coro (Upon the girls of the orchestra of the Pietà, c.1730). Vivaldi must have had a privileged relationship with Anna Maria, writing for her or at least entrusting her with the performance of numerous works for the violin, including the Concerto per la solennità di S. Lorenzo RV 286 and the two spectacular violin concertos ‘in due cori’ (that is, with double orchestra) per la Santissima Assontione di Maria Vergine RV 581 and RV 582. 

Concerto RV 260 in E flat major – 3 Allegro

… an estimable contribution to Naive’s Vivaldi collection. It is one of my favorite recordings of 2023..

Christian Carey, Sequenzia 21

Naive’s Vivaldi series is to be counted among the most outstanding initiatives in the history of recording.

Diapason (France)