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An intro to listening

Antonio Stom – La partenza del Bucintoro (detail) La Pietà, where Vivaldi worked, is the tallest of the pink buildings.


Newcomers to the Vivaldi Edition recording project are often at a loss when confronted with the baffling choice of more than 70 CDs. To make this easier for new listeners, we offer here a list of suggestions with which to begin.

All titles are available on major streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, APPLE MUSIC, QOBUZ, etc.)
We highly recommend Qobuz which offers high definition audio and includes the booklets for most of the Vivaldi Editions. 

Physical cds can be purchased from PRESTO CLASSICAL, NAXOS DIRECT and AMAZON, though some early recordings are no longer available.

Please note that today’s streaming platforms are unable to cope with generic titles such as the “Vivaldi Edition”. To find cds from this collection it is necessary to search under each individual cd’s title or the name of the orchestra, director or soloist.


Susan Orlando
artistic director

For a list of the entire Vivaldi Edition catalogue until today:


Concerti per violin VIII – Julien Chauvin / Le Concert de la Loge

Concerti per violoncello III – Christophe Coin / L’Onda armonica

Concerti per archi III & Concerti per viola d’amore – Ottavio Dantone / Accademia Bizantina

Concerti per violino VI – Fabio Biondi / Europa Galante

Concerti per archi II – Rinaldo Alessandrini / Concerto Italiano

Concerti per fagotto I & Concerti per fagotto V – Sergio Azzolini / L’Aura Soave Cremona

Concerti per mandolino – Rolf Lislevand

Concerti per due violini – Riccardo Minassi / D. Sinkovsky/Il Pomo d’Oro


 Musica sacra per alto – Delphine Galou, Ottavio Dantone / Accademia Bizantina

Vespri per l’Assunzione di Maria Vergine – R. Alessandrini / Concerto italiano

In furore – S. Piau, Ottavio Dantone / Accademia Bizantina

Gloria – Sara Mingardo, Rinaldo Alessandrini / Concerto Italiano


Il Giustino – Ottavio Dantone / Accademia Bizantina

La Senna festeggiante – Rinaldo Alessandrini / Concerto Italiano

La Fida Ninfa – Jean-Christophe Spinosi / Ensemble Matheus

Argippo – Fabio Biondi / Europa Galante

Il Tamerlano – Ottavio Dantone / Accademia Bizantina