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The series has been of top quality in every way: in the music itself, in the singing and playing, and not least in the graphics.

James Manheim, All Music, March, 2022

The musical world owes a great debt of thanks to the Vivaldi Project on Naive… and not simply for the number of premiere recordings of long-forgotten works (by Vivaldi) it’s chalked up. Also because of the quality of each new offering in purely musical terms, often from veritable dream teams of artists. Truly, Vivaldi has shone.

Charlotte Gardner, Opera Magazine

(On the Vivaldi opera ‘Teuzzone)…isn’t just a well-played Baroque artifact, an excavation of a work that hasn’t been heard in centuries. It is, yes, a revelation: of a glittering, hurtling masterpiece..…part of the Naïve label’s magnificent Vivaldi Edition.

Zachery Wolff, The New York Times

The most exciting project on the market…

Deutschlandradio Kultur

Only in the 21st century have Vivaldi’s operatic credentials at last begun to receive their just recognition. The record label Naive deserves much of the credit…

Nicholas Anderson BBC Music Magazine (UK)

This long-term project has already joined the ranks of those adventures which are marking the history of the cd.

Christian Merlin, Le Figaro, 2011