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Upcoming Releases

  • Serenata a tre

    24 Mars, 2023

    Serenata a tre

    Marie Lys, soprano
    Sophie Rennert, mezzosoprano
    Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani, tenore
    Ensemble Abchordis, Andrea Buccarella

    Serenata a tre RV 690 – II – 3 Come l’erba in vago prato

    In Vivaldi’s time, serenatas were written for special occasions such as the birth of a child, a birthday, a wedding, etc.. The settings were generally bucolic and the characters based on gods and other well-known personage of Arcadia.  In contrast with operas, serenata casts were small, with a minimum of two singers, and rarely more than three or four, and they were of much shorter length. Of the eight serenatas which are known to have been written by Vivaldi, the music for only three of them have survived.

  • Concerti per violino XI ‘Per Anna Maria’

    September, 2023

    Concerti per violino XI ‘Per Anna Maria’

    Fabio Biondi, Europa Galante

    Concerto RV 260 in E flat major – 3 Allegro